Integrated Compositions (Album)

Integrated Compositions (Album)

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Integrated Compositions (Album)
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Year: 2018
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Ciré’s new album, “Integrated Compositions” is truly a musical work of art. Appropriately named, Integrated Compositions is a combination of genres and styles, carefully integrated to produce a unique and colorful musical tapestry.

The Album incorporates some of the greatest musicians of the century as you have never heard them. Featuring the provocative, genre-defying, pitch-bending trumpet solo of Academy Award Winner, multi-instrumentalist, Nicholas Payton, the incredible Donald Ramsey on Bass, the captivating vocals of Rashaad Carlton, and the smooth dynamic vocals of Michael Brown.

Participating Musicians include:

Piano, Rhodes, Clavinet, Synthesizers, Organ, Drum Programming, String Arrangements, Synthesizer Bass, Vocoder, Melodica: Ciré / Drums: Russell Batiste, Joe Dyson, Jason Carpenter / Guitar: Andrew Block, Adam Hawley / Bass: Donald Ramsey / Percussion: Ricky “Bongo” Carthen / Vocals: Rashaad Carlton, Michael Brown / Background Vocals: Felicia Bossier, Rashaad Carlton, Michael Brown / Alto Saxophone: Jamil Ford / Trumpet: Nicholas Payton, Daryl Williams / Flute: Scott Mayo / Vocal Samples: Ciré, Gerard Baptiste / Spoken Word Narration: Eric “Breeze” Dunbar, Damian “Dino V–Flyy Guy” Duplessis

Produced by Ciré / Executive Producer: Eric Breeze Dunbar / Recorded at Archetype Recording Studio / Mixed and Mastered at Panoramic Sound Lab Studio by Wayne Stalling

Copyright © 2018 by Chikelu Music. All rights reserved.

  • These are hits that will go a looooong way… you could be listening to some real iconinc songs in the making and you don’t even know it.. The musicality in this project is just over the top!
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